100% Cotton Handmade Patchwork Quilt for Children – Owl Baby


100% Cotton Handmade Patchwork Quilt for Children – Owl Baby

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Handmade Natural 100% Cotton Quilt for children. The quilt is made using 100% natural cotton fabric and natural cotton filling. The quilt top is a beautiful patchwork consisting of various children prints soft cotton fabric. The quilt backing is again export quality cotton fabric with a soft touch as this is the part that comes in contact with the skin. The filling is also natural cotton hence, making the quilt breathe. A perfect companion for a soft, comfortable and healthy sleep! This quilt also doubles up for an colourful bed cover or play mat. The quilt size is approx. 30 inches X 30 inches.

Key Features:

    • 100% Natural Cotton used to handcraft these patchwork quilts hence, making them breathe life into your sleep
    • Fabric used is also 100% Cotton, export quality
    • Quilt is approx. 30 inch X 30 inch size suitable for new born
    • Quilt made using traditional quilting method by an all women unit in The Nilgiris
    • These colourful quilts also double up as beautiful bedspread or bedcovers or play mats

Wash instructions:

Machine washable with gentle settings. Please use gentle liquid detergents and not harsh detergents such as Ariel and Surf as the fabric used is natural dyed hence, need gentle care. After wash, please flat dry in shade.


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