AGAI means Flourish in Tamil language – one of the longest-surviving classical languages in the world. Agai is a livelihood program, run by Indian Yards, meant for women belonging to the rural and tribal communities of The Nilgiris – a pristine mountain range situated in the Southern part of India. These mountains are home to numerous indigenous tribal communities who, although natives to these beautiful mountains, are still the lesser privileged. Agai is an attempt to empower the women from these communities with skills towards financial freedom.

Indian Yards upskills these women to be fine crafters of fabric. These women handcraft a variety of functional lifestyle products such as 100% cotton Aprons, washable & reusable cotton face masks, multi-purpose cotton bags and are now acquiring fine macrame skills so keep a tab on the wonderful products that they will start dishing out by following us on facebook or instagram. AGAI isn’t just about making and selling products but a medium through which women from similar walks of life or communities come together, learn, share and flourish. AGAI is a means to providing these women a collective strength through the process of handcrafting.